Pasadena Antique Warehouse Quarterly Internet Auction

Now Accepting Consignments for Our Upcoming Auctions

We will hold an auction once each season on a Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

Our Next Online Auctions:

Spring Auction – March 14, 2019

Summer Auction – July 11, 2019

Autumn Auction – September 12, 2019

Winter Auction – December 12, 2019

What We Offer You, the Collector

If you are looking for a large commercial antique auction house, we are not for you. If you want a smooth, hassle-free, reasonably priced transaction with personal service, you will appreciate working with us. We offer four internet auctions a year. All related services are included in our basic fee: research, authentication, generous and well-lit displays, professional photography, packaging, shipping. I am a certified antique appraiser and promise you sound guidance on pricing and value. If the item or lot does not sell in the internet auction, I will continue to promote it in the shop and online through eBay and other antique sales sites. You will never have to deal with a middle-man; I will be working with you from start to finish.

A Word About Value

Value is often defined as the price that someone is willing to pay for a product—and while that may be true, there is much more to value than just the price. At Pasadena Antique Warehouse, we want to live in a world where antique and vintage items are valued for the stories they tell and the sentiment they hold for the families who own them. We also value the relationships created around the shared love for antiques.

We encourage you to value the stories and the sentiment, too. If you are attached to your item or want your descendants to have something you and your ancestors have treasured, hold it close. Don’t sell it! Give us only the items that you’ve enjoyed but are now able to let go. Whether or not you decide to sell an item, we hope you will visit the shop, enjoy an Armenian coffee with us, and share the stories—everything from life to antiques.


Internet auction fees:

Seller’s nonrefundable listing fee (research, photography, listing in catalog): $18

Seller’s fee (the commission paid by the seller on the sold item or lot): 18%

Buyer’s fee (the administrative fee paid to Pasadena Antique Warehouse by the winning buyer): 18%

In-house fees:

if the item/lot does not sell during the internet auction, we continue to promote the item for sale in-house, on eBay, and other sites and methods:

Seller’s fee on completed in-house sales: 28%

Post Auction: November 8, 2018 10:00AM PST