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South East Asian Palm Leaf Manuscript Book.

Palm Leaf Manuscripts are rich repository of knowledge. Made from dried palm leaves, they were used as writing materials in ancient times in Indian Subcontinent and in South East Asian Countries such as Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The individual sheets of palm leaves were called Patra, and the medium when ready to write was called Tada-Patra.Hindu Temples served as centers where ancient manuscripts were used routinely for learning purposes. If any manuscript wore out, the texts were copied to a new one. In South India, a large number of manuscripts on Poetry, Grammar, Hindu philosophy and other subjects were written, multiplied and preserved inside the temples. They were also preserved inside Jain Temples and Buddhist Monasteries. Palm Leaf Manuscript called “Lontar” have been discovered by archaeologists at Hindu Temples in Bali, Indonesia. Palm Leaf Manuscripts have holes either in the middle of the leaves or on each side of the leaves to keep them together. The string is passed through the hole, which binds the leaves together to make reading convenient. Number of pages in a manuscript was based on the content on which it was written. They are truly a masterpiece to own.

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