Chinese Sword Dagger

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Chinese Sword Dagger

Size: 24″

Chinese Traditional Weaponry

The development of ancient weaponry in china can be divided into two stages those pre, and those post the invention of gun powder in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Weapons without gunpowder, usually referred to as cold weapons such as bow, sword & dagger, for example; the ones using gunpowder referred to as fire weapon. Prior to the development of fire weapons, cold weapons evolved during three distinct periods, namely, the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, and represents the technological, social and philosophical development of Chinese peoples. 

In ancient China, many generals, and philosophers who were interested in this field had noted the benefits and pitfalls of various weapons under differing combat scenarios, such as defending, aggressing, tussling, ambushing, and so on.

Today they have become far more than just weapons; they are an integral part of the culture and symbolism of the Chinese people. Related to the weaponry are so many military strategies and legendary Heroes that people are still benefiting from their lessons, or just collecting them as a hobby. Then the appreciation of them became a special knowledge.

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